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#66FILM IS PUBLISHED BY THE DANISH FILM INSTITUTE / MAY 2009l1lLars von Trier is back in Cannes. His highly antici-pated Antichrist featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe is a Gothic horror tale that unfolds in a woodland scenery possessed by darkness.PAGE 3CONSPIRING WITH THE DEMONSSEASON FOR SHORT FILMS A diva in distress, an adolescent in rage, a forbidden embrace. Difficult love in various forms fuels the stories by first-time feature film directors Martin Pieter Zandvliet, Morten Giese and Nicolo Donato. PAGE 16THAT THING CALLED ...Dorte Bengtson’s animation The Sylpphid is selected for Cinéfondation, Rúnar Rúnarsson’s Anna is show-cased in Directors’ Fortnight, and Daniel Borgman’s Lars and Peter is running in the short film competition.PAGE 28 & 35ANTICHRIST LARS VON TRIER IN CompeTITIoN l1lFILM#66/ Cannes ISSueFILM#66 / CANNESMay 2009PUBLISHED BY Danish Film Institute EDITOR Susanna NeimannEDITORIAL TEAM Lars Fiil-Jensen, Annemarie Hørsman, Vicki SynnottTRANSLATIONS Gl...