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University of Connecticut University of Connecticut [email protected] [email protected] Faculty Articles and Papers School of Law 2019 Antitrust as Speech Control Antitrust as Speech Control Hillary Greene University of Connecticut School of Law Dennis A. Yao Harvard University Follow this and additional works at: https://opencommons.uconn.edu/law_papers Part of the Antitrust and Trade Regulation Commons, and the First Amendment Commons Recommended Citation Recommended Citation Greene, Hillary and Yao, Dennis A., "Antitrust as Speech Control" (2019). Faculty Articles and Papers. 477. https://opencommons.uconn.edu/law_papers/477 ANTITRUST AS SPEECH CONTROLHILLARY GREENE* & DENNIS A. YAO**ABSTRACTAntitrust law, at times, dictates who, when, and about what peoplecan and cannot speak. It would seem then that the First Amendmentmight have something to say about those constraints. And it does,though perhaps less directly and to a lesser degree than one mightexpect. This Article examines the ...