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ELA Virtual LearningAP Literature & CompositionMay 8, 2020 AP Literature & CompositionLesson: Friday, May 8, 2020Objective/Learning Target: Students will be able to explain the function of a significant event within a plot. Success Starter: A change is comingYou will need a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil.Write about a time when you knew something was about to change in your life: getting a new car, moving to a new house/apartment, starting at a new school...anything you can think of. What was the anticipation like before the “new thing” took place? How did it feel after the change was finalized? Reflect on this in your writing. Relationships with textual evidenceLook over your writing from the Success Starter activity. Using the example (or examples) from your writing, generate a list of connections to any of the readings from these lessons of the past month (of course, you can also use literature from your AP Lit & Comp class throughout the year). Choose at least one literary charact...