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AP Literature and Composition - Summer AssignmentWelcome to Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition! This will be a challenging andrewarding class that will demand rigorous work from students -- including a high level of criticalthinking, a wide variety of reading in numerous genres, and sophisticated analytical writing in variousformats. The course will consist of intensive preparation for the Advanced Placement English Literatureand Composition Exam in May 2021, and a survey of American, British, and world literature.In order to prepare for the rigorous year ahead, you will have the following summer assignments. Pleasefind all the details on the following pages:1. Read Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man2. Create an AP Lit Reference Guide and learn the literary techniques required for AP LitAP Literature Summer Assignment #1Read Ralph Ellison’s Invisible ManThis summer reading assignment will prepare students for the school year by serving as a foundational text andintroducin...