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AP Literature (Wallace Block 6)Learning in Place 2020Materials are also located on Google Classroom; the class code is “uynvioe.”Week 1 (April 27 - May 1)Text AssignmentModel FRQ2 Reading and Grading Read the provided student sampleFRQ2s and write a five sentenceparagraph grading rationale for eachmodel. In your rationales, be sure toinclude a predicted grade and explanationof your prediction.The analyzed passageand rubric are both located on GoogleClassroom. Submit your rationales onGoogle Classroom. We will meet viaZoom Thursday, April 29 @ 12:30 PM.Week 2 (May 4 - May 8)Text AssignmentUnit 4 Progress Check: FRQ Develop what you submitted on the MyAP website into a prose analysis essay.Use the Recommended Prose EssayFormat I have provided. Submit yourcompleted essay on Google Classroomby May 8.Week 3 (May 11 - May 15)Text AssignmentUnit 4 Progress Check: FRQ Revise your essay based on my providedfeedback and prepare for the AP exam,May 13. Submit your revision on GoogleClassroom. We ...