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APPENDIX 1 GUIDELINES FOR LANDSCAPE REPLACEMENT AREAS WITHIN NEW DEVELOPMENTS AND REDEVELOPMENTS IN IDENTIFIED STRATEGIC AREAS PARAMETER DETAILS 1 Definition Landscape Replacement Areas (LRAs) are landscaped areas provided on the first storey or upper levels of the development. The total size of the landscape areas must be minimally equivalent to 100 per cent of the development site area. The diagram below shows the various types of LRAs that could be incorporated within a development. For developments outside of Central Area with a technical height constraint equal to or below 80m Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL), the required LRA is lower at 70 per cent of the development site area. 2 Computation Requirements The computation of the LRAs is determined by:  Horizontal surface area of the softscape (i.e. permanent planting areas, including extensive green roofs)  Horizontal surface area of the hardscape e.g. communal facilities, urban farm  Vertical surface area of green walls (if any). A...