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APPENDIX 4 SUMMARY OF UPDATED LANDSCAPE DECK GUIDELINES i) Locational criteria: Flats and condominiums zoned with a GPR of more than 1.4 in the Master Plan with a minimum 0.4 hectare site area, and not located within or abutting existing safeguarded landed housing areas ii) Envelope: Deck structures should start outside the planting strip/green buffer, while fully contained within a 1:2.5 gradient envelope iii) Height cap: The height of the landscape deck is to be kept within 5m, as measured from the existing platform level iv) Greenery provision: A minimum 30% of deck surface is to be greened, with a minimum 500mm of soil for planting purposes v) Site coverage: Landscape decks are not counted as site coverage as long as the deck structure are fully within the 1:2.5 gradient. The residential blocks on top of the deck would still be subject to the prevailing site coverage control vi) Boundary fence: The boundary fence should be kept porous vii) Earth berms and/or vertical greening (new)...