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Use of LanguagesNoSome groups entirely in Spanish:NoSome groups entirely in Catalan:NoSome groups entirely in English:catalan (cat)Principal working language:[email protected]:Concepcion de Linares FernandezName:2019/2020Applied BotanyCode: 100800ECTS Credits: 6DegreeTypeYearSemester2500250 BiologyOT40TeachersLlorenç Sáez GonyalonsConcepcion de Linares FernandezSergi Massó AlemánCristina Roquet RuízPrerequisitesThere are no prerequisitesObjectives and ContextualisationThe general objective is to train the students in the main concepts and methods related to all the disciplinesrelated to the broad scope of applications related to plants, fungi and algae.The specific objectives are the following:(1) To provide basic information about the importance of organisms studied by Botany in aspects several, froma practical perspective and their impact on society.(2) To provide a scientific framework that integrates information from various disciplines and allows the study o...