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7Appraisal-Based MethodsAppraisal-Based Methods 74Appraisal-Based Methods7Handbook on Residential Property Prices Indices (RPPIs)7.5 The SPAR method has been used in New Zealand since the early 1960s and is currently also used in several European countries, notably in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Given that a few countries around the world are actually using the SPAR method, it is not surprising that there is only a small though expanding literature avail-able. It would appear that Bourassa, Hoesli and Sun (2006) were the first to publish a paper on this method. According to them, “the advantages and the relatively limited draw-backs of the SPAR method make it an ideal candidate for use by government agencies in developing house price in-dices”. Rossini and Kershaw (2006) found that the SPAR method outperformed several other methods in terms of reduced volatility of weekly index numbers. De Vries et al. (2009) reported a higher precision of monthly SPAR in-dices for the Netherl...