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APPRAISER GUIDANCE CONCERNING DESKTOP APPRAISAL ORDERS By: Mindy Sealy North Carolina Appraisal Board A new desktop appraisal product was released in February 2010. Although the Board does not approve or prohibit specific forms or software used to deliver appraisal results, the Board does have several concerns about this type of assignment. An assignment is an agreement between an appraiser and a client for a valuation service. Once an appraiser accepts an assignment, USPAP applies to the appraiser’s actions. Even if an appraiser ends up not completing the assignment or does not get paid, the appraiser must still comply with USPAP. If an appraisal report is created and sent to the client, a workfile must be produced and maintained. USPAP requires that the work file must contain enough information to produce a summary appraisal report from the workfile contents. This is a valuation service regarding the subject property that would have to be disclosed under the 2010 change to the Conduc...