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TO: Justin LaFountain, CZEO, Planner II/Salem Town Planner FROM: Arborio Brothers, LLC Meghan A. Hope, Alter & Pearson, LLC Corey Garro, P.E. and Kevin R. Johnson, P.L.A., ASLA, Close, Jensen & Miller, P.C. DATE: September 22, 2020 RE: Application SE 1-20-10: 142 East Haddam Road – Response to Comments Comments from the Salem Planning and Zoning Commission at its Meeting on August 25, 2020 1. Please provide the plan for fuel and oil leaks that may occur with the equipment planned to be parked at the Site. The Applicant will have multiple spill kits on-site and employees are trained to look for spills and clean as necessary. The fuel tank and secondary containment system have been revised. The Applicant is proposing to install a 925-gallon, single wall steel tank with a secondary steel containment system that can hold 1137 gallons (which is a volume 23% greater than the fuel tank). The secondary containment system has sides to prevent rain or snow from entering the system. See attached ...