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APPENDIX C, PAGE 1ARCHITECTS’FEEThe architects’fees listed on the next page are based on averages offees actually charged or recommended. Actual fees, since they arebased on the size of the project, the technical difficulty, the artisticrequirements,the reputation of the architect and his willingness toaccept the assignment, vary greatly and the estimate of the fee is amatter for the valuator’s judgment.Architects fees normally will include part or all of the following:1.Plans and specifications including consultations, estimates andengineering studies.2.General administration and overall supervision of construction, not including superintending construction.3.Approving payment vouchers to the contractor.4.Approval and acceptance of completed construction.Regardless of the size and type of construction, all of these servicesmust be performed by someone. On some projects the owner or thegeneral contractor may do the supervision. On governmental proj-ects, many services are performed by ...