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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN GUIDELINES FOR THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AREA SPECIFIC RE-USE PLAN , April 17, 2000 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Page History of campus site 2 Objectives of Design Guidelines 3 Scope of Design Guidelines 5 ARCHITECTURAL STYLES Mission 7 Monterey 11 Spanish Colonial Revival 15 EAST CAMPUS DESIGN CRITERIA Single-family Detached 22 Single-family Detached -Alley Loaded 25 Town Homes 27 Rental Housing 29 DESIGN REVIEW 32 LANDSCAPE DESIGN Program Objectives & Components 33 Landscape Framework Plan Map 35 Non-Academic Residential Neighborhoods 36 Community Plant Palette 39 Neighborhood Plant Palette 40 Wildfire Buffer Zone 43 1 INTRODUCTION IDSTORY The CSUCI Campus is located six miles south of the City of Camarillo, nestled at the western edge of the -Santa Monica Mountains in what was the long established Camarillo State Development Hospital. The hospital was begun in 1932 in what was once the Ranch Guadalasca. From its inception, the design intent was to develop the ...