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ARCHITECTURAL STYLES & TYPES Our architectural heritage is largely derived from European and early American architecture. Nevertheless, specific architectural styles have developed through the years as a result of technological advances and the demands of our culture. These factors provide a historical background that influences the design of today’s homes. The Cape Colonial Two very popular home styles developed over 200 years ago are the Cape Cod and the Cape Ann. The Cape Cod Characteristics: oOne of the earliest and best known of the traditional Colonial styles oOriginated as a fairly small house with steep rood and little overhang oA central chimney oNormally built as a one or a one and one-half story oEaves line is always near the top of the window oGable roof oNarrow trim lined siding oShutters generally used on all windows The Cape Ann Characteristics: The Garrison An attractive house that includes a number of special features in a modern presentation. Characteristics: oCentral...