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Variation on framing for La Chapelle Plan Set PlanFigure 8.1 The La Chapelle floor plan represents real framing to carpenters who read, visualize, and build from a set of plans.Architectural Working Drawings8ChApterM08_POWE4171_01_SE_C08_074-093.indd 7412/4/14 4:03 PM ChapTer 8 architectural Working Drawings 75Variation on framing for La Chapelle Plan Set PlanM08_POWE4171_01_SE_C08_074-093.indd 7512/4/14 4:03 PM 76 seCTion Three project planning and architectural plansObjectivesArchitecturAl PlAns And PlAn sheetsContract-related documents include the final building contract, detailed specification sheet(s), and working drawings for con-struction. This set of paperwork becomes part of the legal founda-tion for the project. Each document is vital to the building process. The various plan sheets listed below make up the working draw-ings that builders and subcontractors typically use to develop their estimates. Carpenters will use the same drawings to interpret the design and build the st...