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ARCHITECTURE FOR WELL-BEING WORLD ARCHITECTURE DAY OCTOBER 3, 2022 In the wake of the pandemic, architects remain steadfast in their commitment to the goals set in the United Nations 2030 Agenda and to building more resilient, sustainable and healthy societies. Architecture for well-being goes beyond access to hospitals and health care facilities. It extends to improving the quality of the architectural spaces in which we live and work. From technical innovations which can improve thermal comfort, circulation and ventilation to subtler factors contributing to our psychological and social well-being such as public spaces, walkability, land use and daylight, we have realised that the quality of our built environment has profound implications for our quality of life, on the lives of those around us and on our natural environment. Over the course of the 2022 UIA Year of Design for Health, the International Union of Architects (UIA) has united practitioners and policymakers around discussio...