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Bunny Rabbitan Early Childhood art Lesson Step 1 Before you can start making your sculpture you need to make some clay glue. Clay glue is called slip. To make slip you break off some small grape-sized chunks of clay and let them completely dry out. You can dry your clay chunks in the sun or simply leave them in the open air overnight. When they feel dry put them into a small plastic container and add enough water to just cover the clay. The clay will break down as it absorbs the water. This process is called slaking. When the clay is done absorbing the water it will look soft and mushy. This mushy stuff is called slip and it is applied between clay pieces to glue them together. Bunny Rabbit Page 1 Tools Once you have the clay slip made, the only other tool you will need is something pointed like a skewer or sharpened pencil. Step 2 Make one large form shaped like a potato for the body of the rabbit. Step 3 Make two small cylinders for the legs. Bunny Rabbit Page 2 Step 4 Add some clay ...