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2HOMAGE TO NEWTON BY SALVADOR DALIWhere: UOB Plaza, 80 Raffles Place Estimated value: More than $1 millionSalvador Dali (1904-1989) liked to shock. The Spanish Surrealist painted disturbing images of burning giraffes, putrefying flesh and, most famously, melting watches. His bronze sculpture in UOB Plaza is a reference to Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity and is considered the father of modern physics. It is almost skeletal, with a pronounced pelvic bone and spine. There is a hole in its head the size of a cannonball with what looks like shrapnel lodged in the skull. Dali had a dark sense of humour.3BIRD BY FERNANDOBOTEROWhere: UOB PlazaEstimated value: More than$1 millionThis work – more commonly known by nicknames such as “the fat bird” – by Colombian artist Botero, 90, is a “symbol of peace and serenity”, says Mr Stephane Le Pelletier, 55, director (Asia-Pacific) of the Opera Gallery Group. “Traditionally, blue-chip investment art pieces like Botero’s have long remained i...