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Artemis AlexiadouMethodological Othering through “monolingual controls”In a lot of recent work on a particular group of multilingual speakers, namely heritage speakersthese are described as deviating from native-like mastery in a variety of ways. Because of this,in experimental studies, the comparison between monolinguals and multilinguals is viewedfrom the perspective of error and vulnerability or lack of proficiency and L1/majority languageinterference. An exception here is the discussion of the cognitive advance of bilinguals, wherebilinguals are found to carry out controlled processing better than monolinguals, see forexample work by Bialystok and colleagues (2004). Cognitive control aside, though, typicallymultilingual speakers are viewed as lagging behind monolingual controls. As Ortega (2005)pointed out, our sampling choices not only create problems for generalizability, but also poseethical dilemmas. Thus, by othering multilingual speakers, we do not only further contribute tos...