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Press Release 02-05-2018 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-BASED INTERACTIVE ROBOTIC SCULPTURE IN COLLABORATION WITH IBM AND KTH A Work by Artist Duo Di Pisa & Stasinski This art project aims at translating the innermost thoughts and ideas of people interacting with the sculpture, into a physically dynamic, interchangeable robotic form. It will be based on IBM Watson, an artificially cognitive system that will be “trained” in philosophy, with a focus on ontology and phenomenology. The change in the robot happens when humans answer a question posed by Watson through a smart phone app. The change involves dynamic movement of the multiple arms of the sculpture, as well as a shift in color and light. The artistic idea is to flip the traditional way of utilizing AI, by not having the system providing humans with answers or shortcuts, but instead challenging the viewer to think, by posing disruptive questions. IA - Intelligence Augmentation, where the AI works like a bicycle for the mind, is a way to ...