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At Blumenthal Law Offices our experienced, litigation-focused attorneys handle a broad range of criminal cases. We pursue the best possible outcome for every client, whether that means preventing the DA from filing charges, negotiating a favorable plea bargain, or asserting and protecting the client’s constitutional rights through a jury trial. Here are some examples of the types of outcomes that our efforts have secured for past clients. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE People v. Justin V. Justin was a deputy sheriff who was arrested for an alleged domestic violence incident with his then-girlfriend. The investigation conducted by his own department was extremely biased against him and ignored evidence that called into question the girlfriend’s credibility. With his career at stake, we presented Justin’s defense at a jury trial in which he was charged with Felony Domestic Violence and Inflicting Great Bodily Injury. He was found Not Guilty of the charges filed against him by the jury, and the case w...