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This document and all information herein are confidential, and may not be used, reproduced or distributed without prior authorization ofTechnipFMC.ATS FormInstruction-what and how tocompleteGTF-GSOP-COR-21003-02 Rev 01July 2020 Acronyms2AcronymDescriptionATSAuthorization toShipCoCCertificate ofComplianceeSMDRelectronic Supplier Master DocumentRegisterMRBManufacturing RecordBookPOPurchaseOrderSMDRSupplier Master DocumentRegisterSNSerialNumberWEDWith EachDelivery ATS Form –Page1Page 2 To be completed bySupplierATS Form –Page1TobecompletedbyTechnipFMCATSReviewer4 To be completed by Supplier if one ATS Form is used for multiple PO lines from one singlePO.ATS Form –Page25