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1 | Page Austin Powers in Live and Let Shag By Tracy Revels, PhD The following script was performed at the Greenville, SC Sherlock Holmes Birthday Gala on 11 January 2003. It is reprinted here with the kind permission of the author, Dr. Tracy Revels. It may be on interest to the reader to know that a name previously associated with "The Survivors of the Gloria Scott" was "The Knights of Shag." Although the reference to "shag" here was to Cast of Characters Holmes Watson Mrs. Hudson Austin Powers Mycroft Irene Adler Sebastian Moran Dr. More-Evil-Ty WATSON: I must say Holmes, preventing the theft of Prince Edward's family jewels has got to be your finest case yet! You'll be knighted for---good heavens, what is that parked in front of our door? HOLMES: It appears to be a hansom cab bedecked with the Union Jack. WATSON: With purple fringe on the top? How bizarre. Wait, what's that I hear? MRS. HUDSON: HELP! HOLMES: Quickly, Watson. Some fiend is assaulting our landlady! Help me break down ...