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Automated Transport SystemFor the Healthcare IndustryIncludes an Intra-Logistic Solution for Hospitals Improving patient care, staff efficiency and satisfactionA leading global supplier of robotic medical equipment, JBT has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. With more than 700 of our 5,500 vehicles installed in hospitals alone, we have successfully delivered millions of supplies to patients and hospital staff.Benefits include:• Improved return on investment (ROI)• Reduced labor costs• Improved patient care• Elevator, automatic door, and automatic cart washer interfacing• Coordination with OR schedules• Increased efficiency• More staff hours dedicated to patients• Reduced number of staff injuries• Heightened safety and security• Reliable delivery accuracyFlexible systems that fit your needs.• AGV Material movements are recorded 24/7 via connection to a central command center• Scalable solutions• Flexible vehicle assignments• Real-time system monitoring• Direct commu...