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1 Automated Transport Systems – a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Summary We define an automated transport system as a system where the driver of the vehicle is par-tially or fully replaced by an advanced system consisting of computers, sensors, communica-tion devices etc. in the infrastructure as well as in the vehicles. Transport automation is in a formative stage and there is a very high potential for proactive nations to reach and benefit from a leading position. We develop this agenda envisioning that Sweden is positioned and recognised as a leader in automated transport systems. Transport automation contributes to the transport policy goals as well as the fulfilment of visions such as “Den goda staden”, “Det goda livet” and “Liveable Cities” for the city envi-ronment, Vision Zero for traffic safety and zero dependency on fossil fuels for the environ-ment. The main goals of this agenda for 2025 are an integrated innovation system including all key actors and competencies ...