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1 Automated Transportation Logistics and Analysis System (ATLAS) ATLAS is an integrated web-based logistics management system allowing users to manage inbound and outbound freight shipments by highway, rail, and air. ATLAS is based on the core competencies of Automated Transportation Management System (ATMS) and provides an integrated framework for data sharing between Carriers and Shippers. ATMS became operational in the early 1990s, and underwent a series of major improvements over its lifecycle. An assessment was deemed necessary by DOE to establish current cost reasonableness by reviewing benefits, user satisfaction and assess the long-term management approach (including expansion of site applications) for ATMS, and the viability of alternative logistics management systems. This resulted in the integration of ATMS functionality into ATLAS. Originally, the ATMS program was established in response to a 1989 DOE Inspector General’s report outlining significant opportunities for cost s...