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CONSUMER INFORMATION SOLUTIONSAVM InsightManage your collateral risk with a market-leading AVM The mortgage crisis resulted in a major decline in home values in virtually all areas of the U.S. The trickle-down effect is that mortgage loan balances can be greater than the market value of the property — leaving lenders with greater exposure to losses. Equifax offers a wide range of property valuation solutions that help you better monitor and reduce your mortgage risk throughout the lifecycle of a mortgage loan.Our solution begins with non-traditional data, unique segmentation and proprietary models, and informative transparency. The result is one of the most accurate automated valuation models (AVMs) on the market, AVM Insight™, which offers a new level of insight into the collateral risk on your balance sheets. Differentiated data is the foundationIn addition to traditional public data sources, our property valuation models leverage private data sources to provide the most accurate, cu...