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B.S. in Biophysics Academic Program Guide for New First-Year Students (Effective Fall 2018) Department of Physics & Astronomy ([email protected]) Students who entered Rowan University prior to Fall 2018 should follow the guide for their program and start year in consultation with their advisor. Rowan University Graduation Requirements for all Majors / Degrees  Students must complete at least 120 semester hours (sh) of coursework that apply to their Rowan University degree.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in Rowan University coursework. (Transfer courses/credit do not count toward the RU GPA.)  A minimum of 30 sh of coursework must be completed at/through Rowan University.  Only grades of “D-” or above may apply to graduation/degree requirements. (Some programs may set higher minimums.)  Students must meet the Rowan Core and Rowan Experience Requirements. o An individual course can potentially satisfy one Rowan Core literacy and/or multiple Rowan Experience att...