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Backyard Chicken Coop DesignEC 1644 April 2014Living on The LandA chicken coop is a building for housing poultry. A coop can be made from many different materials, new or recycled, including wood, plastic, and concrete. Your coop design is an important factor in your success raising backyard chickens.A successful coop should include the essential elements noted below. ProtectionOne of the main functions of a coop is to protect chickens from predators and other unwanted animals. • Design a coop that closes the flock inside at night. • To discourage rats, snakes, raccoons, and skunks from getting in, raise the coop about 1 foot off the ground. Use secure flooring such as a concrete slab or solid wood. • Avoid growing large plants around the coop. They can shelter predators.• To discourage unwanted wildlife, consider building the coop close to your house or other place where humans frequently go. SizeProvide at least 3 square feet per bird if there is access to a run or outdoor area, and ...