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Let's explore.... SculptureSCULPTURE is 3D art – not a flat painting on a wall, but an object you can walk around and touch. SCULPTURES can be made from lots of different materials. Anthony Caro made huge metal SCULPTURES.Philip King liked to make SCULPTURES from brightly painted plastic. Henry Moore carved human figures fromstone and wood. Bill Woodrow has used parts of bikes, saucepans and shopping trolleys in his SCULPTURES!Alexander Calder made mobiles! Louise Bourgeois made a giant spider that you could walk underneath! DavidSmith called his SCULPTURES ‘drawings in space’. It was like his drawings had floated off the page!Some SCULPTURES, like Aston’s, are made by hand and sit on a PLINTH (a block for displaying art) in an artgallery. Some SCULPTURES are huge, are made by machines, and are put outside in public places (places likeparks where lots of people can go). This is called PUBLIC ART. Anthony Gormley made ‘The Angel of the North’, agiant 20m high metal angel, that is by the...