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22 Chapter 1Studio ExperienceAbstract NaturalObjectsForms found in nature serve as an excel-lent starting point for abstraction. Thisstudio experience will help you to becomemore perceptive. You will use a naturalobject as inspiration to create a com-pletely new form—a bold sculptureabstraction. Modeling clay is best for thisexercise because it can be instantlymanipulated without tools.Before You Begin• Choose a subject as your source forinspiration. Avoid simplistic objects suchas rocks or potatoes, and complex sub-jects such as a bouquet of flowers.• Study your object. Look at its overallform, investigate its tiniest details, touchit and note its texture. Can you see anyelements of design? Can you recognizesome principles of design?copy of the object. Avoid detail; just playwith the overall form. This is an opportu-nity to actually “feel” the third dimensionas you modify the form. As you changeone side, you can quickly see the effect onthe other side, top, and bottom.Studio Objective...