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EDUCATION PROGRAMME©DisneySecondary/Episode 1BEHIND THE SCENES1. What was the most difficult challenge facing the creative team when adapting ‘The Lion King’ for the stage?2. What was the solution to this challenge?3. What is the theory called behind bringing the animals to life on stage?4. Why did the production require more music than the animated film?5. What does the production of ‘The Lion King’ ask of the audience?FROM SCREEN TO STAGE ©DisneyanswersEDUCATION PROGRAMMESecondary/AnswersFROM SCREEN TO STAGE1. Creating the African Savannah live on stage; turning actors into animals.2. Working with visionary director Julie Taymor plus a range of technical solutions including the latest in digital technology.3. The ‘double event’ - the audience has to do two things at once, look at the animals represented on stage as well as being lost in the story and characters. 4. More music was required to make the production longer, to express different aspects of the story and add depth to the ch...