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This report is publicly available on the NYC Global Partners’ Innovation Exchange website www.nyc.gov/globalpartners/innovationexchange Best Practice: Intelligent Traffic Management and Control System 1CITY: TEL AVIV-YAFO POLICY AREA: TRANSPORTATION REPORT UPDATED: APRIL 20, 2010 BEST PRACTICE AVIVIM is Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Intelligent Traffic Management and Control system that aims to alleviate adverse traffic conditions while ensuring mobility and accessibility. The systems’ sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities provide necessary information to generate timing programs to optimize traffic flow. ISSUE Road infrastructure in most metropolitan and urban areas cannot keep up with the increased demand for road use. Since expansion of the road infrastructure network is limited, it is necessary to develop methods and technologies to make existing road infrastructure more efficient, allowing for smooth running traffic and road safety. Tel Aviv-Yafo had an outdated and expensive traffi...