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Submitted to: SFF Austin 2004 By Dr Wei Sun Biomimetic Design and Fabrication of Interior Architecture of Tissue scaffolds using Solid Freeform Fabrication B. Starly, A. Lau, W. Sun Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Drexel University Philadelphia, PA 19104 and W. Lau, T. Bradbury Therics, Inc. 115 Campus Drive Princeton, NJ 08540 Abstract: Modeling, design and fabrication of tissue scaffolds with intricate architecture, porosity and pore size for desired tissue properties presents a challenge in tissue engineering. This paper will present the details of our development in designing and fabrication of the interior architecture of scaffolds using a novel design approach. The Interior Architecture Design (IAD) approach seeks to generate scaffold layered freeform fabrication tool path without forming complicated 3D CAD scaffold models. This involves: applying the principle of layered manufacturing to determine the scaffold individual layered process planes and layered contour; d...