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AS-T CHEMISTRY (60 UNITS) Grades of “C” or better requiredCore Courses (36 units) General Chemistry for Science Majors (C-ID CHEM 120S, La Sierra CHEM 111/L, 112/L, 113/L) Organic Chemistry for Science Majors (C-ID CHEM 160S, La Sierra CHEM 281/L, 282/L) Calculus-Based Physics for Scientists & Engineers AB (C-ID PHYS 205, 210, La Sierra PHYS 231/L, 232/L) Single Variable Calculus Sequence (C-ID MATH 900S, La Sierra MATH 131, 132, 133)IGETC for STEM (24 units) English Writing, 1A (4 units) English Composition, 1B (4 units) Arts, 3A (3 units) Humanities, 3B (3 units) Social & Behavioral Sciences, 4A-J (6 units) Biological Science, 5B (3-5 units)BIOPHYSICS, BSPlanning Guide 2021-2022BS BIOPHYSICS (100 UNITS) Grades of “C” or better required 60 units must be Upper Division, 190 units required to graduateMajor Requirements (59 units) Core Curriculum (53 units) Major Electives (6 units)Foundational Studies (14 units) World Language (12 units) Lifetime Fitness (2 units)General Studies (20 uni...