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BIOPHYSICS QUESTION BANK CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION TO BIOPHYSICS 1. What are fundamental units? 2. What are derived units? 3. How many basic units are there in SI system? 4. Difference between mass and weight? 5. Define the SI unit of length? 6. Define the SI unit of mass? 7. Define the SI unit of time? 8. Discuss the meaning and important of biophysics in nursing? CHAPTER-2 MOTION 1. What is a scalar quantity? 2. What is a vector quantity? 3. State characteristic of displacement? 4. Define the term average speed? 5. Define the term average velocity? 6. What is momentum? 7. Discuss the type of motion? 8. Define acceleration? 9. Define velocity? 10. A fast moving wheelchair on which a patient is sitting should not be stopped suddenly, discuss? CHAPTER 3 GRAVITY 1. What is specific gravity? 2.Give the density of bone and blood? 3.Define center of gravity? 4.What is stable equilibrium? 5. What is unstable equilibrium? 6.What is neutral equilibrium? 7.State the law of gravitation? 8.Explain ...