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Board of Tree Experts Minutes December 15, 2020, The Board of Tree Experts met on this date at the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts Office, 101 West Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ 08527 Those present were: Steve Chisholm, Sr., President G. Lovallo Attending by Phone P. Zipse B. Emens M. Goggin J. Greipp T. Wyckoff R. Wolowicz, Vice President/Treasurer Attending by Phone Michael Schuit, DAG Candice McLaughlin DAG Staff Michael D’Errico, Program Manager/Asst. Treasurer Patty Aufiero, Recording Secretary Arlene Dietz, Administrative Assistant Erin Lyons, Administrative Assistant Zamayra Rivera, Administrative Assistant Meeting called to order at 9:34 am I. Open Public Meeting Act: Read by M. D’Errico, signed by S. Chisholm and G. Lovallo II. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve Agenda by G. Lovallo, seconded by B. Emens. Motion passed. III. Minutes of October 27, 2020 & November 17, 2020: Motion to approve minutes of Oct 27, 2020 by G. Lovallo, seconded by P. Zipse. Motion passed. Motion to a...