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MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION june 2010BBy Brian Court, aia and jeff PriByl, P.e., S.e.residential structuresBOB RaNqUIST haS BEEN BUILDINg ultra modern single family homes and multi-unit condominiums in Chicago for the last decade. The client for this new residence in the city’s Buck-town neighborhood had lived in a Ranquist house for many years. Once he married and decided to have a family the need arose for a larger house. He went back to Ranquist for a new house. Ranquist brought on Miller|Hull, Seattle, as the design architect and Oster-haus McCarthy, Chicago, as the architect of record. The team had just finished a 10-unit condominium in the same neighborhood.Miller|Hull conceived of the house as a series of boxes contain-ing the private family spaces (bedrooms and baths) on the upper level floating over an open, free-flowing main level with the shared family spaces. The main floor is a series of stepped planes, lifted up above a partial basement, that incrementally steps up and brid...