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MUSEU DE ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEAda Universidade de São PauloBOCCIONIContinuity in SpaceAna Magalhães e Rosalind Mckever (eds.)MAC USP2018 1 2Carlos Roberto Ferreira BrandãoDirector MAC USPThe exhibition Boccioni: Continuity in Space illustrates the Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo way of working. It is based on a multidisciplinary and unpublished research developed by curators Ana Magalhães (MAC USP) and Rosalind McKever (Victoria & Albert Museum, London), who investigated the historical, aesthetic and technical aspects of Umberto Boccioni’s (1882-1916) artistic production, in collaboration with national and foreign institutions: abroad, with the support of the Municipality of Milan and Museo Del Novecento; in the city of São Paulo, in partnership with FAB LAB Livre SP; at the University of São Paulo, in partnership with Institute of Physics and Polytechnic School; in the Museum sphere, with contribution of teams such as Collection (Cataloging, Conservation and Mount...