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Winter iWITTENBERG UNIVERSITYBODY, IDENTITY, AND NARRATIVE IN TITIAN’S PAINTINGSAN UNDERGRADUATE THESISSUBMITTED TO DR. ALEJANDRA GIMENEZ-BERGERBYLESLIE J. WINTERIN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE DEGREE BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH HONORSIN ART HISTORYAPRIL 2013Winter iiTable of Contents PagesAbstract iii.1. Introduction 1.2. The Painted Parts of the Whole Individual 4.3. Istoria and The Power of the Figure in Renaissance Art 16.4. Titian’s Religious Paintings 29.5. Titian’s Classicizing Paintings 38.6. Conclusion 48.Endnotes 49.Figure List 55.Figures 57.Bibliography 70.Winter iiiAbstract:In the Renaissance, the bodies of individuals were understood as guides to their internalidentities, which influenced the public understanding of the figure represented in art—be it interms of politics, personal life, or legacy. The classicizing and religious paintings by Titian (c.1488/90-1576) show the subject’s state of being, at a particular moment in a story, through theuse of body language. The body is a v...