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Botany (Group) Parts of a tree Geography (Group) Oceans Zoology (Group) Parts of a sheep Mathematics (Group) Quadrilaterals Presentation India Republic Day Presentation Drawing Insets Songs Chinese New Year songs MANDARIN FROM THE CLASSES Introduction to New Zealand. (介绍新西兰)。 Farm animals goat, horse, cow, hen, cock, duck and dog 介绍农场里里的动物,例如: 羊、马、牛、母鸡、公鸡、鸭子和狗等 Nursery Rhyme Little Goat(学习儿歌《小羊学画画》) Colours Red, Blue and Yellow(复习颜色,例如:红色、蓝色和黄色) Song Xi Yang Yang (歌曲《喜洋洋》。) Conversation “What is your favorite colour?” BDB (MANDARIN IMMERSION) Group Lesson: Professions (Teacher, Lawyer and Chef) Nursery rhyme: Home. 家。 Conversation: ‘My dad’s job is .....’, ‘my mum’s job is .......’ Characters Practiced: 家, 老师, 飞行员。 Song: 小乌鸦爱妈妈 Story: 我要做妈妈。 Art: 创意画:我的家。 EXTENDED DAY Language – Adjectives and Logical Adjective Mathematics – Cards and Counters Wonders of the world – Christ the Redeemer HINDI Group: Indian Republic Day. Cookery: Aloo Paratha (Stuffed Parata) Songs: Chali chali re pathan...