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Did you know, botanists and chefs havesomething in common? Botanists explore plants and their importance to theenvironment, and chefs explore plantsand their importance to recipes. Imagineyou are both botanist and chef andexplore fruits & veggies you might have athome. Then make a soup out of theplants you learned about! You may need an adult to help with aknife and to prepare the soup on thestove. tomato peppera stalk of celery with leaveslettuce (any kind) potato onion or garlicdry or canned beans pepitas (unroasted)rice (any kind will do)carrot We'll use some of the fruits and veggies below. Do you haveany at home? It's ok if you don't. You can follow along with thepictures! Flowers first! Flower parts help with pollination: petals attract pollinators,stamens contain pollen, stigmas are sticky to collect pollenand seeds develop in the ovary. Can you find the stamensand the stigma in the picture? Compare the flower to thefruit. Notice how the parts match up. Try some of these fruits,...