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BOY WITH A DRAGON Go to the East Pavilion, Plaza Level, Gallery E101 Title: Boy with a Dragon Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian)Date: 1614–1620 Medium: Marble TEACHER/CHAPERONE READ ALOUD: • This is a sculpture of a boy wrestling a dragon. • The boy could be Hercules, a Greek hero famous for his strength. • This sculpture was intended to work as a fountain with water bubbling out of the dragon’s mouth. • Sculptures are meant to be seen from many different angles. • Walk around the sculpture and look at it from different places. • Follow the dragon’s body with your eyes. Where is his tail? • Can you see the dragon’s foot stepping on the boy’s foot? • Look at the boy’s face. Is wrestling this dragon easy or hard for Hercules? Is he having fun? CREATE YOUR OWN IMAGINARY BEAST! • Dragons are imaginary beasts. They have wings to fly and can breath fire out of their mouths. • Create your own imaginary beast. Choose a head, body, and feet from three different animals. For example: Head of...