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Hashtags, logos, brand names, and self-signs. You name it. Our customers have used foam letters at tradeshows, fan activations, concerts, weddings—even as floating pond props. We want to ensure you’re ordering the right custom letters for your intended application, so here’s how to size and order them along with answers to commonly asked questions.FOAM SCULPTURES: READ BEFORE YOU BUYBIGGER. BOLDER. BRANDING SOLUTIONS. / BRITTENINC.COM / 855.763.8205 2.2updated [email protected] SCULPTURES: READ BEFORE YOU BUYWHAT ARE THE GENERAL RULES FOR SIZING FOAM LETTERS?Outside of your budget and space available, there’s no limit to how big custom letters can be. But let’s keep this simple and help you from overspending.The cost-saving secret is staying inside the box—a “golden ratio” of dimensions measuring 96" (wide) x 48" (tall) x 40" (deep). That’s the size of a raw, uncut foam block. If your project exceeds any of those dimensions, the cutting, pastin...