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125YEARSEST. 1895lse.ac.uk/sociology2020/21Welcome to the Department of SociologyBSc Sociology Handbook COVID-19SECUREGet a COVID-19 test, DO NOT go out and you MUST self-isolate for two weeks.Look after yourself. Look after others.Wear a maskWash or sanitisehands regularlyCover coughsand sneezesKeep a safe distance and follow advice on campus2MThanks. Together we help make LSE COVID-secure.Campus safety, testing information and more: lse.ac.uk/coronavirusHigh temperature, fevershaking or chillsDry cough Loss of sense of smell, taste,or breathing difficultiesLet LSE know ifyou feel unwellUse learningspaces safelyDo you have symptoms?37.5° KEY INFORMATION2 Welcome to LSE Sociology3 Welcome from the Departmental Tutor4 About your department11 How to get in touch and give feedback14 New students checklist15 School mentoring schemes16 About the programme27 Assessment information32 Key information67 Completing your studiesstudenthub.lse.ac.uk/welcomeContentsDepartment of SociologyKEY INFORM...