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Key Business And Tax Measures 2022 focusBUDGETHIGHLIGHTSMARCH 2022MARCH 2022304248technical excellence GST On Remote Services And Low-Value Goods 52 viewpoint Women In Leadership And Board Diversity 38 focusPersonalising Communications 3420 focusWomen In Accounting: The Pursuit Of Happiness PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE1Charting The Way Forward Together, From A Position Of StrengthKon Yin Tong FCA (Singapore)[email protected] members, FOLLOWING THE BUDGET STATEMENT DELIVERED BY FINANCE MINISTER LAWRENCE WONG ON FEBRUARY 18, there were parliamentary debates as well as a myriad of activities spanning seminars, focus group sessions, analyses and commentaries. Like many of you, I followed the discussions with interest as the Budget affects all aspects of our lives. The minister, in his Budget Roundup Speech on March 2, acknowledged that while there are risks on the horizon including the increasing tension in Eastern Europe, Singapore is “operating from a position of strength. That is why we ...