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Bricks in sand make an attractive, durable andpleasant outdoor paving (Figure 1). They are easy toinstall — the easiest to handle of all paving materials.Individually, bricks are small and lightweight. Abrick walk or patio can be installed piecemeal overtime. Do not attempt too much at one time.Bricks have other attractions: a nonglare surface,pleasant texture, mellow color and pleasing contrast.On the other hand, weeds and grass may growup through the joints, freezing and thawing maycause heaving, and bricks may need resetting. Bricksare absorbent and can hold stains. The general rough-ness of the surface makes it unsuitable for dancingand some games.Use common hard brickChoose hard-burned brick for paving. Soft brickscrack too easily. If available, slick-surfaced face brickor cleaned old brick may be used. A hard-burnedbrick will give a clear, high-pitched metallic soundwhen hit with a hammer. Soft bricks will give a dullthud like a block of wood.Get enough bricks to do the entire jo...