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ContentsAbout this bookHow to use this bookAcknowledgementsUnit 1 Building positive relationships in health and social careUnit 2 Equality, diversity and rights in health and social careUnit 3 Health, safety and security in health and social careUnit 4 Anatomy and physiology for health and social careUnit 5 Infection ControlUnit 6 Personalisation and a person-centred approach to care Unit 7 Safeguarding Unit 8 Creativity and activity for children and young people Unit 9 Supporting people with learning disabilitiesUnit 12 Promote positive behaviourUnit 13 Sexual health, reproduction and early development stagesUnit 14 The impact of long-term physiological conditionsUnit 15 Promoting health and wellbeingUnit 22 Psychology for health and social careUnit 23 Sociology for health and social careGlossaryIndex874765_FM_CT_Health_SC_i-vi.indd 314/07/16 6:18 pmDRAFT 1ABOUT THIS UNITBuilding positive relationships in the health, social care and child care sectors is essential for ensuring effecti...