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Building Types and Architectural Styles City of New Orleans HDLC – Building Types and Architectural Styles 03‐1 NEW ORLEANS’ ABUNDANT HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE New Orleans possesses an abundance of historic architecture constructed over a period spanning almost three hundred years. The City is home to more than twenty National Register historic districts, fifteen local Historic Districts, and scores of local and national Landmark buildings. Almost half of the buildings New Orleanians call home were built before World War II, the earliest dating from the 18th century. As a result, the City has a diversity of architectural styles and types, of buildings both grand and small, unrivalled in the nation. As importantly, New Orleans is home to architectural styles and types that are closely tied to the image of the City, and that appear in New Orleans in numbers and combinations unseen in other places. Visitors to New Orleans are as frequently confused by local building terminology (“what is a Ca...