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GB297-ESP-1-2006-10-0057-1-En.doc 1 INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE GB.297/ESP/1 297th SessionGoverning Body Geneva, November 2006Committee on Employment and Social Policy ESP FOR DEBATE AND GUIDANCE FIRST ITEM ON THE AGENDA Business environment, labour law and micro- and small enterprises Introduction 1. This paper responds to the decision by the Officers of the Committee on Employment and Social Policy (ESP) to include an item for discussion on the agenda of its November 2006 session on the topic of business environment, labour law, and micro- and small enterprises. The paper sets out to address the dilemma of striking a balance in terms of minimizing the cost of the regulatory burden on micro- and small enterprises and thus enhancing the prospects for competitiveness and growth, without compromising the protection of those who work in MSEs. This is an issue of growing international debate and the Office is increasingly being asked to provide guidance to constituents and other agencies. ...